Most people would like assume that you’d have to be a pretty smart cookie to be the creative mind behind some of the biggest, most popular movies of the modern age. It stands to reason that if you can write a deep and gripping story set in a well developed world that spans universes, starring a diverse cast of complex and interesting characters – not just once, but time and time again – you’re probably quite intelligent. Then there are other people who assume that it doesn’t take too much common sense to have the creative output of someone like James Gunn and that it wouldn’t be all that hard to trick them.

Gunn outed one such genius last night on his Facebook page when he shared screen grabs of a conversation he’d had via Instagram with someone pretending to be Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

It’s clear to see why the phony Feige would be confident in his ruse. After all, he’d gone to such lengths as to thoroughly research Feige’s writing style so that he knew that Feige didn’t actually know how to spell “movies” – opting for the more creative “moives” – and that he didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. To throw suspicion off himself – he even accused Gunn of not being who he claimed to be at one point in the conversation!

Never one to miss out on an opportunity to have some fun, James Gunn kept the conversation going for quite some time, trolling the trickster by feeding him some of Marvel’s most closely guarded “secrets” to see just how many he would believe. It’s unclear how long the imposter genuinely thought he might have pulled one over on Gunn, but the conversation seems to have been cut short when he gave up responding. Though, no doubt, Gunn could’ve carried on for hours.

Fans all over the world are delighted the Gunn was kind enough to share the conversation with them and there are probably a few out there too that wouldn’t mind some of the ideas he came up with. Gilbert Gottfried would certainly make a distinct mark on the MCU…

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