Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen comic is a timeless classic. The limited series graphic novel has a rich history as being one of the greatest graphic novels ever created. The alternative history murder mystery surrounding former superheroes employed by the government was a deconstruction of the idea of the superhero and was infused with politics as well as the idea of a “dark side” to heroes and has always been heralded as a perfect story. For a long time, the series was deemed “unfilmable” by its creators. Zack Snyder did a fairly accurate film adaptation of the comic back in 2009 that was met with mixed results. Some thought it was too much like the comic and others thought that the ending didn’t ring true to the original (changing the surprise at the end). The Director’s Cut of the film helped flesh it out even more than the theatrical cut. Either way, it was a worthy effort. Recently there have been talks about a reboot for the comic and it looks like we might get a TV adaptation.

HBO had been rumored since 2014 as being a possible home for a TV adaptation of the series. After all, given the mature subject matter of the comic, it would need to be on some form of a pay channel. If not, it would have been neutered down. It was reported that Damon Lindelof is currently in talks to bring the show to HBO. Lindelof is rumored to be starting from scratch from previous attempts to develop the show for HBO.

Lindelof, best known for the island mystery show on ABC Lost (depending if you like the ending or not), recently has been on a roll with HBO and delivered three stellar seasons of The Leftovers which recently concluded its series finale to critical praise. With him at the helm of a Watchmen TV series (and recent interest in the Watchmen coming back after DC Comics’ “Rebirth” which brought the Watchmen to DC Comics back since the 1987 series concluded), it couldn’t be a better time for this to happen.

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