The first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3 was released in just about the most Rick and Morty way imaginable – on April Fool’s Day, through a peculiar link that no one quite wanted to click because it seemed all too conveniently like a prank. The brave few who did dare click it were treated to the first episode of the long-awaited third season, which was streamed throughout the day. Sadly, the rest of the season did not follow and it was later announced that fans would have to wait until summer to see any more.

It is now technically summer and there has been no sign of the new season so far, or even a more specific release date we could at least look forward to.

Although it’s not quite what fans were hoping for, creator Dan Harmon has at least shed a little bit of light on what’s going on behind the scenes in a Twitter thread posted in a hungover daze when we he should have been packing for a flight.

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