Since the announcement of Phase 3, we know that Marvel Studios has had Inhumans on the mind. They were going to get their own movie, and then they were introduced on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then the movie was yanked from the schedule and there were rumours that some powers at Marvel were more hot on the the Inhumans than others. Okay, so forget all that, because Marvel seemed to have a bolder idea in mind, an Inhumans TV show shot in IMAX and screened in IMAX theatres before the show’s TV debut. Will the gamble payoff? Perhaps there’s a hint in the trailer below. 

The series will follow a colony of alien/human hybrids that live in a hidden area on the Moon called Attilan. Blackbolt, who has the power to destroy on a massive scale with the slightest sound of his voice (as beautifully demonstrated above) is the present King of Attilan who finds himself, his family, and his closest advisors betrayed by his brother as more militaristic minds in his kingdom worry about the consequences of making contact with the humans of Earth. Exiled to Hawaii, the Inhumans will have to figure out a way to not just reclaim their home, but protect the Earth as well.

The series will star Anson Mount as Black Bolt; Serinda Swan as his wife and queen, Medusa; Isabelle Cornish as Medusa’s sister, Crystal; Sonya Balmores as the head of Blackbolt’s Royal guard, Auran; Ken Leung as Blackbolt’s chief advisor, Karnak; Mike Moh as the king’s merman cousin, Triton; Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon, the head of the Inhuman military; Ellen Woglom as a human character with an interest in the Inhumans’ home on the Moon; and, Iwan Rheon as Blackbolt’s traitorous brother Maximus. One wonders if Rheon might get sick of playing characters that betray family for power, but he’ definitely carved out that niche for himself. The Inhumans giant teleporting dog Lockjaw will also be a character in the show, albeit brought to life with CGI.

Inhumans will premiere in IMAX theatres on September 1 for a two week run. The series will debut on ABC on September 29.

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