It seems like we have been waiting forever for Rick and Morty to return. We were fortunate to enjoy Adult Swim’s usual April 1st stunt, which just happened to show the first episode of Season 3, and made us once again crave McDonald’s Szechuan sauce (don’t be surprised if that makes a comeback). Since then, we have not heard a peep for the new season. There were even rumors that there was trouble behind the scenes between co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland had deteriorated during the making of a third season of the cult show. Both have denied that was the case and they have just been hard at work on delivering the new season. Lucky for us, the third season now has a start date.

During a live stream of a Ric and Morty fan event today, the creators announced that the show will be returning to Adult Swim July 30th. Soon after, the official Rock and Morty Twitter account confirmed the date as well.

The third season will consist of 10 new episodes. The possibility of a fourth season exists. But for now, they released a trailer for the upcoming season.


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