Alright folks, the time to panic has officially ended. And now it’s time to get back to work on the Han Solo film. So far at least one star has chimed in (Woody Harrelson) since the new changes, and it sounds like everything is going to be okay. Plus, thanks to a source over at TMZ, pics from the set (prior to the changes behind the scenes) were taken and it looks everything like the interior of a Han Solo movie should look like. More details after the jump.

With the firing of Phil Lord and Chris Miller four months into the filming of the still untitled Han Solo project, fans caused a bit of a stir all over the internet. Some assumed the film was a complete disaster while many wondered just how much had been accomplished. All has been quiet on the other side of the camera until today when Woody Harrelson spoke to Uproxx regarding updates to the film. Here is what he had to say,

“Oh, you can relax, man – because obviously the Force is with us. Ron is great. He’s awesome. He’s such a gentleman and so prepared. And I loved Chris and Phil. But I think we did land in very capable hands.”

Of course, the Ron that Harrelson is referring to is none other than Ron Howard whose credits include Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and Willow. Let’s not hold back. The film just got upgraded from coach to first class. If the cast and crew weren’t excited, then someone would definitely be wrong. This would also explain the complete vote of confidence in their new leader. But now the question is how much will change from the Miller and Lord version the film. According to some photos from the set obtained by TMZ, it’s still too early to really tell.

These photos were taken during the times of Lord and Miller. In the pictures are Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo), Chewie, Harrelson, and what looks like to be Emilia Clarke‘s character. From the looks of the photo, the group seem to be inside of museum. A plausible idea considering that Han Solo is a smuggler and that the people he works for would be some kind of collectors. Without exact confirmation, fans and audiences may never know exactly where in the movie Lord and Miller left and where Howard picked things up.

The currently untitled Han Solo film is scheduled for release in May 25, 2018.

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