Widely considered one of the best science fiction movies of all time, Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner stunned audiences in 1982 with its arresting visual style, cerebral storyline and moving performances. For years, the idea of a Blade Runner sequel was considered the whimsical daydream of only the most naive of nerds, but now Blade Runner 2049 is happening and the internet is tripping over its crocs to figure out what shape the plot will take. Today, three more images from the film were released, and already we’re picking them apart for clues like crazed nerd vultures.

The three images show Ryan “puppy eyes” Gosling and Harrison “old, sexy Ham” Ford as Agent K and Rick Deckard, as they exchange intense, manly stares.

In the first, it’s an old-fashioned stick-up with Deckard’s iconic pistol thrust under the nose of Agent K. They seem to be in some sort of hotel lobby and unless housekeeping is taking the collapse of society as an excuse to get sloppy, that’s a dead body in the background. It seems that Deckard is in no hurry to be apprehended by LAPD detectives, no matter how Oscar-nominated they may be.

As we know from previous reports, Blade Runner 2049 will finally lay to rest the question of Deckard’s humanity, and it’s possible that this second image, clearly in a nightclub of some kind, is giving us a clue as to how the question will be answered.

“Could a replicant do this?” Harrison’s eyes seem to say, presumably seconds before he launches into a coreographed dance routine, desperately throwing shapes on the dancefloor to prove his membership of the human race.

The third image is more interesting, demonstrating some of the visual flair we can expect from director Denis Villeneuve. The sea wall acting as our hero’s backdrop has ominous overtones of ecological catastrophe to it, and the whole overcast, brooding atmosphere of the frame exactly strikes the noirish tone that we want from a Blade Runner Sequel.

Well, predictably, these new images haven’t done a great deal to shed light on the updated Blade Runner universe, but nor do they set off any alarm bells. Both in these shots, and in the trailer, we get hints of a world that has moved beyond that depicted in the original film (30 years has passed in the timeline) while retaining the inventive, imposing spirit of Ridley Scott’s masterwork. Plus, we now know there’s going to be plenty of staring, so if anyone was worried about that not being a feature, they may now put their minds at rest.

Blade Runner 2049 will be in a theatre near you on October 6.

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