You probably know a few movies that fit into the mould of “it’s so bad, it’s good,” and then there’s The Room, a chamber play about an inarticulate innocent that thinks he’s found love and friendship only to be betrayed by his best friend and his fiancee. To say that The Room is “so bad, it’s good” is an insult to bad movies, because The Room is well and truly a disaster. Hence The Disaster Artist, a book written by Greg Sestero about the production of the film, and its enigmatic creator, Tommy Wiseau. As you’ve probably heard, there’s now a movie based on it. 

Directed by James Franco, the film is a loving tribute to pure creative passion that comes from a place of limited talent. In the new trailer for the film, a classic scene from The Room is recreated with Franco as Wiseau, Dave Franco as Sestero, and Seth Rogen as the production’s beleaguered script supervisor Sandy Schklair, as Wiseau’s character Johnny “rages” about being accused of abusing his girlfriend, Lisa. You don’t even need to have seen the film to get the reference, the scene’s pretty famous from YouTube hits alone.

So shall we check out the first trailer for The Disaster Artist? (Sine you’re here, I assume that you do.)

Let’s compare that to the original scene:

Amazing recreation. A work-in-progress print was already screened at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, and it got a fairly positive reaction from the audience. So this could be a clever, subversive comedy hit for A24 just in time for the holidays, a millennial Ed Wood that pays tribute to a director with a vision who saw that his seriously campy serious drama could make him a mint by marketing it to the midnight movie circuit like a new age Rocky Horror Picture Show. It’s to be determined if Franco answers the question if Wiseau is a true genius, or just an accidental one, but if the movie is anything like the book it will certainly be an entertaining trip worth taking.

The Disaster Artist opens in limited release on December 1, and goes wider on December 8. Oscar nominations to surely follow…

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