There are many things that are not good about the three Fantastic Four movies that have been released so far, but one of the most consistent has been the portrayal of the team’s classic nemesis Doctor Doom. Portrayed by Julian McMahon in the two Tim Story films, and by Toby Kebbell in Josh Trank’s disastrous remake, the cinematic version of Doom has not been befitting of the man who’s basically the Lex Luthor of the Marvel Universe! (As in everyone has a beef with him.) If you love Comic Con surprises, good news, a high-profile writer is going to finally give Doom some much needed love in his own solo film. 

Yup, you read that right. DOOM! The Movie. At the end of the panel for FX‘s Legion at San Diego Comic Con tonight, the show’s creator and executive producer Noah Hawley said that he’s working on a Doctor Doom movie for 20th Century Fox. When we say the announcement came at the end of the panel, it came at the very end, so no additional information was shared, but considering Hawley’s work on Legion, turning a C-list X-Men character into a psychedelic drama with lots of humour and tripy philosophical non-sequiturs (not to mention his work on TV’s Fargo), then a Doom movie from this man absolutely must be taken seriously.

Sadly, this will likely be set apart from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and any connection to a Marvel movie also under the 20th Century Fox banner may be dubious as well (especially any previous or presently in-development Fantastic Four movies). You’ll recall that Bleeding Cool recently reported that Seth Grahame-Smith was working on a family-friendly FF movie that would feature the children of Mr Fantastic and the Invisible Woman on a new adventure with the Human Torch and the Thing, their uncles. None of this has been confirmed by 20th Century Fox.

As for Doom, it’s the touching tale of a Eastern European tyrant that has the ego and drive of a James Bond villain, a scientific brilliance equal to Tony Stark and other geniuses in the Marvel U, and has magical powers are on par with those of Doctor Strange. If none of this sounds like the character you’ve seen in the movies, you’re right, which is why a Doom-only movie penned by Hawley is such a potentially delicious treat. We’ll keep you apprised about any developments about this project as they develop.

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