If you were to make a list of the five must-see things at Comic Con, then Game of Thrones has got to finish somewhere on that list. Presently one of the biggest shows on TV in scope, scale and fanbase, those attending the Game of Thrones panel in San Diego were eager to get some insight as to where the show is going in its remaining 12 episodes, and a small army of cast members during the Q&A tried to tease them as much as decorum would be allowed. And speaking of teases, this new one-minute trailer for what’s coming up on the show is worth a look. 

Seeing Melisandre back in the mix is interesting, as she didn’t appear in the season premiere last Sunday, presumably because she’s making her way to Dragonstone where she’ll come face-to-face Daenerys Targaryen. One wonders if Daenerys will be interested in hearing any of the Red Lady’s insights when she learns what happened to the last royal she served. Meanwhile, the Mother of Dragons is a hot topic in Winterfell. Jon Snow looks like he’s making a case to team up with the (other) Targaryen to fight the coming war against the Night King, and it looks like Lady Mormont is once again going to have to be the voice of reason. And please don’t tell us that was Cersei making out with Euron Greyjoy! We know she doesn’t have many potential suitors out there, but come on!

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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