If you had any hopes of The Gifted crossing over with other X-Men related titles, you can stop. At least for now, any possibility of crossovers were shut down during Friday’s panel at San Diego Comic Con. However, it wasn’t all bad news as fans were treated to an extended trailer for the new series. In the trailer, fans will finally get names with the faces they’ve been seeing, as well as better demonstrations of the powers that will be featured on the show. For a look at the extended trailer, as well as more news from SDCC 2017, make the jump.

Here is a first look at the SDCC 2017 extended trailer for The Gifted:

Thunderbird. Polaris. Blink. Eclipse. With the exception of Eclipse, all are veteran X-Men, and no stranger to the comic books. According to some internet fan bases, Eclipse seems to have been made just for the series. It’s a shame these characters won’t be meeting others from similar related shows or movies, but it makes sense. During the show’s panel at Comic Con when a member of the audience asked if “The Gifted would cross over with another X-Men-inspired series,” executive producer, Lauren Shuler Donner, chimed in and replied, “I’m sorry to break your heart. No, but thank you for wanting it.”

While the answer was blunt, it’s still early to completely say “No.” However, with all the different time lines occurring, it’s understandable that such a crossover wouldn’t happen.

An interesting tidbit to come from the panel was the origin of Polaris. Details didn’t emerge, but Emma Dumont (the actress who plays Polaris) did say she was a “daddy’s girl” alluding to the fact that Polaris is the daughter of mighty X-Men villain, Magneto. There was no confirmation if they will actually address it in the show, but based on what was shown during the panel, all signs point to that she is.

The Gifted also stars Stephen Moyer, Amy AckerSean Teale, Jamie ChungBlair Redford, and Coby Bell. The pilot was written by Max Nix and directed by Bryan Singer.

The Gifted premieres October 2 at 9 pm on Fox.

Source: Deadline & Variety

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