When it was announced that Ridley Scott was returning back to the film that made him a household name, and perfectly merged sci-fi and horror together into something original, fans were very excited. After all, Alien was a cult classic, it was terrifying, gave us a great female hero, and oh yeah, it was terrifying. Fast forward 33 years, we got the Alien prequel Prometheus, which gave us a semi-origin to how everything started (or so we thought), going in a different direction and concentrated on the supposed creators of the Xenomorph, the Engineers. Although it was divisive, Prometheus was successful, earning more than $400 million worldwide. So, it’s no surprise that Scott would make a sequel to the prequel: Alien: Covenant.

But instead of continuing to focus on the Engineers as was promised, the film went back to the route of the Xenomorphs and the Engineers became an afterthought. For some reason, the prequel-sequel didn’t stick as well as we would have thought critically and box office-wise, and the film has so far earned only $232 million worldwide; barely half of what Prometheus earned. It’s only natural then that 20th Century Fox is now having second thoughts about moving the franchise forward. Scott had planned anywhere between one and three more Alien prequel films. Now it looks like Fox is “reassessing” the future films.

What does this mean? Who knows? After all, the studio is in the business of making money, and maybe the public is just done with this franchise. As disappointing as Alien: Covenant was, it did end on a cliffhanger and it would be disappointing if the story didn’t come completely to a close. Maybe Fox is now disappointed that they didn’t move forward with Neill Blomkamp’s proposed Aliens sequel that would have included Sigourney Weaver. What do you think? Should there be more Prometheus/Alien films, should Fox have Blomkamp on speed dial, or is this franchise done?

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