The celebrations for Justice League and the expanded trailer released over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con seem to have been short-lived because afterward, like before, the questions about how much is being spent, and much is being done, in terms of Justice League reshoots, remains. Following up on a Hollywood Reporter article Friday, further reporting has been done on just how “extensive” those reshoots THR mentioned really are, and from the sounds of it, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are pulling out all the stops to make Justice League the hit that it needs right now. 

Snooping done by Variety, pegs the cost of the reshoots at $25 million, that they’ve gone on for about two months and counting, and that they’re taking place on two continents, in London and in Los Angeles. Throwing money around though isn’t the problem, it’s co-ordinating the various members of the League itself that’s proving difficult. Jason Mamoa is presently shooting the Aquaman solo movie in Australia, Ezra Miller just started the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Sequel, and Henry Cavill is travelling the world as part of the cast of Mission: Impossible 6.

As to the what, Variety says that Joss Whedon, who was brought in to oversee the reshoots, is leaving the action set pieces intact and focusing on the scenes in between by punching up dialogue and characterization. Whedon, for his efforts, will likely received a co-writer and producer credit on the film, but sole directing credit will remain with Zack Snyder, who departed the project earlier this year to take care of his family after a personal tragedy.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed much of this independently, and added that some actors have been required for over four weeks or reshoots, which especially upset the Aquaman schedule, and the personal schedule of Gal Gadot who had just given birth in March and in the meantime has been promoting Wonder Woman worldwide.

Whether all this helps or hinders Warners and DC as they try to set up Justice League as their second critical and commercial success in a row, and set the stage for other upcoming projects Shazam!, Flashpoint and Wonder Woman 2. There’s likely a feeling on the lot that they have to get this right, otherwise Wonder Woman might be cast more as a one-off success and not the more appealing narrative that the studio has righted the ship with the DC Extended Universe. I guess we’ll find out.

Justice League is on schedule to arrive in theatres everywhere on November 17.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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