If you hadn’t noticed, Disney has been doing a few live-action remakes of some of their greatest films. So far, we have seen a live-action (with some hefty CGI) version of The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. Disney has been working on future releases of The Little Mermaid and other hit animated films, but it seems we might get to see The Lion King with Chiwetel Ejiofor potentially playing Scar in the near future.

The Lion King is a retelling of Shakespeare’s Hamlet so it’s anyone’s guess how a live-action/CGI version of the animated film will play out and not simply be a remake of Hamlet. That being said, casting someone as versatile as Ejiofor as the villain is, in no way, a risky move. Granted, Ejiofor will voice the character formerly played by Jeremy Irons in the 1994 original so that’s a tough act to follow as we see CGI lions running around the plains of Africa.

Ejiofor has predominantly portrayed characters in front of the camera instead of behind the microphone. His credits include playing Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange as well as some amazing roles in 12 Years a Slave, The Martian, and Serenity. According to The Wrap, Ejiofor is in talks to voice the character so if all goes well, he will be our new Scar.

If Ejiofor does join the cast, he will be working alongside Donald Glover as Simba, Jon Oliver as Zazu, and James Earl Jones as Timon. Just kidding, Darth Vader will, of course, reprise his role as Mufasa.

No release date has yet been set for the film, but Jon Favreau will be directing.

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