The upcoming R-rated reboot of Hellboy (Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen) is moving along. This time, instead of Del Toro, director Neil Marshall will take the reins of the film with Stranger Things’ David Harbour filling in Ron Pearlman’s big red shoes. Recently, Ian McShane was also cast as Professor Broom as well, so the movie’s coming along. The one thing missing so far was who was going to be Hellboy’s main big baddie. From the comics, one of Hellboy’s enemies was the Blood Queen, AKA Nimue the Lady of the Lake. But who could play the role with perfection, terror, and be able to be a conceivable threat against such a towering figure of Harbour? Lucky for us, it looks like we have found our Blood Queen…

Resident Evil alum Milla Jovovich is in final talks to play the Blood Queen. Jovovich has mostly played badass women warrior roles in such films as The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc, The Fifth Element, Ultraviolet, The Three Musketeers, and of course, the Resident Evil films. Most of these roles she has played the heroes. Now it looks like she’s ready to turn heel. This would be a possible good opportunity for the actress to play against character and build up her sci-fi/geek cred even more in yet another franchise.

Hellboy is still in its planning stages as the film is going through final draft stages, but it’s good to know that the cast is coming together with such heavy hitters as Harmour, McShane, and now Jovovich.

Source: Deadline via Geek Tyrant

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