20th Century Fox is bringing back Alien Nation to the big screen under the creative direction of Jeff Nichols (Loving). The 1988 film took the buddy cop movie to new heights as the disgruntled veteran cop (James Caan) wasn’t partnered with a dog, robot, or psycho crazy loose cannon cop, but an alien  (Manny Patinkin) who crash landed on Earth with 300,000 other enslaved aliens who escaped their alien overlord masters and are now trying to assimilate into Los Angles.luilo0prupfarn2odyna6gf6nbu

The movie sparked a television show that only made it through one season with Gary Graham taking over as Detective Matthew Sikes and Eric Pierpoint playing the “Newcomer” alien Sam “George” Francisco, but managed to return five times as made for television movies.


Yes, that is Detective Sikes pulling a baby out of Detective Francisco. Let’s not forget this fantastic line from the movie:

Det. Samuel ‘George’ Francisco: It is like your name… Sykes. I’m sure it doesn’t bother you at all that it sounds like “ss’ai k’ss,” two words in my language which mean “excrement” and “cranium.”


Det. Samuel ‘George’ Francisco: Shithead.

Much like Star Trek, Alien Nation was able to tackle many issues that would be difficult on regular shows, the main being racism and illegal immigration. It’s easy to see how this might still be relevant to today’s issues.

Who would you cast in the roles?


Via: Deadline

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