It seems that 13 years later, the Powers That Be at Twentieth Century Fox are ready to join the 21st century. In a letter released to those within the company, Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO of Fox’s parent company News Corp, announced that Twentieth Century Fox’s film and television work would now be branded under the label “21st Century Fox.” The change comes after “much exploration and valuable input from our executive team,” wrote Murdoch.

Relax. That doesn’t mean that the distinctive fanfare and logo of the company’s going to change, so when you see The Wolverine later this summer, the screen’s still going to say “Twentieth Century Fox Presents…” at the top. Same thing if you watch The Simpsons or Family Guy this weekend all the way till the end.

So what does this mean? Basically, it has to do with News Corp’s endeavor to divest it’s entertainment wing from the informational side of its business. Basically, 21st Century Fox will make movies and TV shows, while News Corp focuses on news and current affairs through its papers, periodicals and, dare we say, Fox News.

In honor of the occasion, let’s enjoy this You Tube montage of all of Twentieth Century Fox’s various logo designs from its storied 78 year history.

Source: Yahoo!

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