Yes! Finally proof that this garbage might in fact kill you! I think we here at Nerd Bastards should begin the death toll now. Twilight 1 – Human Race 0, and that’s not counting the amount of souls it has already consumed.

“Wellington police spokeswoman Victoria Evans said the man’s body was found by a cleaner at Reading Cinemas on Courtenay Place shortly before 8.30pm.
The 23 year old New Zealand man had attended a 6pm screening of the film, the latest instalment in the Twilight franchise, which revolves around a love triangle between human girl, a vampire and werewolf.

The man was slumped in his seat, and the cleaner thought he was asleep.”

Though the likeliness of the death actually being due to how awful the content in the film is highly unlikely. The artery packing popcorn, candy and numerously re-heated hot dogs would seem to be the culprit….

my two cents:

I still feel that edward cullen’s semen slicked hair played a large part in the passing of the innocent.

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