You can’t keep a good wizard down! Harry Dresden has a been a nerd favorite for years now, the TV show still has a cult following despite being off the air for a decade. Now there are whispers of a reboot and fans of the book and the show couldn’t be happier. With Dresden getting a reboot and Buffy not being far ahead of him, what other Urban Fantasy books deserve some time on the small screen? Dramatic and broody vampire shows have taken up much of that space. Could interest in shows like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals carry over into other properties?

2007, Syfy aired 12 episodes of the only season of The Dresden Files, starring Paul Blackthorne of Arrow fame. Fans of the books ate it up, but the show was expensive to make. But fans of the book and show alike have since kept their love for the show alive. Paul Blackthorne has mentioned on social media that even now, 10 years later, he still gets asked questions about the show and asked to sign autographs for fans of Harry Dresden.

Now Temple Hill Productions is moving ahead with the project and even the whispers of a new show are making fans giddy. With word having just released, there are no hints of casting just yet. It’s unlikely that they’d look at Blackthorne to reprise the role, though fan-favorite James Marsters does the voice for Harry in the audiobooks and would be a welcome casting decision to fans.

With shows like Dresden Files and Buffy heading back to the small screen, it begs the question whether other or not other Urban Fantasy properties could follow.


In the Forests of the Night came out nearly 2 decades ago. The then 15-year-old Amelia Atwater-Rhodes was met with positive critics and the Den of Shadows series blossomed into a series of wonderful gothic urban fantasy that captured the minds of young adults just as Buffy The Vampire Slayer was beginning to gain steam. It only makes sense that in the day and age of late-90s early-aughts resurgence we reexamine the potential to see Rishka and her ilk in live action. Atwater-Rhodes has written a few other series that were fantastic in their own right, but Den of Shadows is arguably the most suited for the low-cost, high-reward material that television networks are looking for.

Mercy Thompson has been around for a while. Patricia Briggs’ hit series would make a fantastic show next to a line-up like The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Buffy, Dresden Files or Den of Shadows, focusing less on vampires and more towards the other creepy-crawlies that lurk in the shadows of urban areas. While vampire and werewolf fans cross over a lot, there are plenty that enjoys the shifter mythos that doesn’t care as much for the broody bloodsuckers. The coyote-shifting mechanic Mercy would be a perfect fit for TV.

The Nate Temple series has been a huge hit on Amazon. The self-publisher Shayne Silvers has crafted a strong cast of characters to support the magic-wielding Nate Temple. His fans are strong supporters and the vibrant world he’s built begs to see live-action. While it may be a bit more expensive to pull off, it wouldn’t be impossible for producers like Netflix or Amazon to get behind. Couple that with the two linking series, the Callie Penrose and Quinn MacKenna books, and you’ve got plenty of bad-ass spell slingers to fill the niche alongside these vampires and were-creatures.

Are you excited for The Dresden Files reboot? Is there another series you’d like to see join Buffy and Dresden? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter!

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