It’s summertime! That means the kids are out of school, vacations are happening, cookouts, family reunions, and pool parties! But that also means blistering heat, sunburns, and of course being forced to interact with other human beings. What better way to combat the downsides of summer than to kick back with a snack and something cold to drink and binge watch some tv??? Netflix to the rescue! Even if the “are you still watching?” message does come across as more than a little condescending…


First, we’ll start with something family friendly. *Batteries Not Included is about an elderly couple who run a dinner and the adjacent apartment building, and their tenants. The area of town they live in is run down, money is scarce all around, and Frank and Faye, our elderly couple are being pushed to sell their home and business. After refusing, their diner is vandalized. To everyone’s surprise, tiny mechanical creatures show up to help them repair their diner, their relationships with each other and fight back to keep their home. Awwww. This 1987 movie is a classic the whole family will enjoy.



Now for something for the grown-ups. Altered Carbon is set in the distant future. People download their brains into small devices called stacks. These stacks can then be placed inside different sleeves or bodies. Altered Carbon follows Kovacs as he wakes up decades after having his stack put into storage for a laundry list of crimes. He’s been released to an uber-rich man who wants him to solve his own murder. Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk show that fans of the genre have been clamoring for. It’s as close to a Shadowrun tv show as fans are likely to ever get. Featuring plenty of fun violence and nudity, this one is definitely not for the whole family.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi can be watched over and over again. And it should be. Break it down scene by scene and really digest the complicated messages and history behind the franchise. Or sit back and marvel at the cool special effects and watch Luke Skywalker be a badass one more time. Whatever floats your boat.




Another family-friendly show. Lost in Space was a surprise. The movie back in the early 2000s wasn’t much of a hit, so expectations for the Netflix original were low. A wonderful cast with great chemistry and excellent talent, solid effects and a story that kept you wanting the next episode, Lost In Space is perfect for binge-watching with the kids on a sweltering afternoon.




And we end the list with one final show that isn’t one you want to share with the kiddos. At first, glance, Kiss Me First appears to be a grown-up version of Ready Player One. Leila stumbles into a hidden world in her favorite video game. It’s a place that shouldn’t exist. The group that hangs out there, The Red Pills, seem like interesting folk. But when one appears in Leila’s real life, things begin to go sideways. And when one of The Red Pills goes missing, things go south quickly. Weird in the best of ways, with great graphics, Kiss Me First is absolutely binge-worthy.

Any shows you can’t stop watching until Netflix reminds you that there’s an outside world? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook! 

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