Damn, Geoff Johns. You’ve got cajones, my friend.

BLACKEST NIGHT #1 (of 8 ) came out this week. The issue kicks off DC’s yearly crossover and it already looks better than Final Crisis.

After the Sinestro Corps Wars, the Guardians revealed there were other Lantern rings, not just green. One of them is black, which represents death.

The issue opens with Bruce Wayne’s skull being stolen. Oh yeah. We move to Coast City, which is still being rebuilt after Mongul destroyed it. The Green Lanterns are putting on a show for the citizens, including Hal, Kyle, John and Guy Gardner.

Hal narrates about loss, going over what DC fans know well: Abin Sur, Hal’s father, Katma Tui, Kyle’s girlfriend Alex, and Jade among others.

We move to Smallville where Connor, Clark and Martha Kent are visiting Jonathan Kent’s grave. We move to other graves: Aquaman, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, Titans Tower, and the Avernus, hidden grave of the Rogues. The largest crowd gathers in Metropolis, Valhalla Cemetery.

Alfred goes to Bruce’s grave and realizes his skull has been stolen. Stealing Batman’s skull? Cajones, Geoff Johns. The Flash (Barry) and Hal Jordan are in headquarters of the JLA and Barry is looking over all of the villains they have in their morgue. He asks Hal how many have died since he was gone. Barry doesn’t lose it, he just gets so sad.

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are in St. Roch and are murdered by Ralph and Sue Dinby, back from the dead.

A bunch of Guardians are murdered next, but they really seem endless. I’m sure a

few more dead Guardians won’t really register. I mean really, those little bastards get wiped out every few years!

Keep up with this book, True Bel—I mean, you should read this. All of the dead DC characters are coming back. They are apparently not asking for brains, which puts this far, far above Marvel Zombies 4.

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