The main character is the focal point of any game, which is why game  developers make sure to center the game on a character that is unique  and powerful to captivate the player. Sometimes the characters are nice and cute…and sometimes they’re the complete opposite. Sometimes the main character is so badass, no one thinks twice about messing with him/her. These are the characters in flash games we really enjoy. The ones where we look at them and think, “hell yes, we want to be you!”.

Dude – Dude and Zombies:

Now there are many reasons why a character can be badass. This guy may not  look it, but he’s definitely got some badass hidden deep inside him. Some guys wear their badass on the outside…this guy keeps it locked inside. Laugh at him all you want, he knows you’ll regret it very soon. Basically Dude is stuck battling hordes of zombies in the woods at night. Did his car break down? Well not exactly. It looks more like Dude decided to just build a car basically from scratch out here in zombie  territory. Who else do you know is badass enough to casually build a car while fending off hoards of the undead? Nobody, that’s who.

Hobo – Hobo:

Now Hobo’s are mostly seen as scary, disgusting…and mentally unstable, but  in this game Hobo is…well he’s basically the same. Hobo taught us that  what we see as disgusting and scary is actually a form of badassery  (real word, I swear). Hobo walks around the city in this side scroller, beating the crap out of cops by any means necessary. Sure he has moves  that involve every bodily fluid you can think of, which really isn’t  necessary, but do you know anyone who walks around beating the shit out of (and even sometimes killing!) cops all day? Didn’t think so…next!

Karate Man – Mad Karate Man:

This generic looking martial arts expert is nothing short of 100% badass. We all hate the Mad Men big business suits and ties. Even the suits and ties hate the suits and ties. They’re everything we hate about the government a youth and they’re everything we hate and fear about adult life as we get older. Karate Man takes these people while they casually walk down the  street and kicks the hell out of them, over and over until he’s out of energy. He punches, kicks, throws, and every tosses some Kamehamehas in there for good measure. That’s right Karate Man…fight the system!

Larry – Larry and the Gnomes:

As kids, we learn that sometimes it’s really badass to mess with other  people’s property. We realize it’s maybe not so cool when we grow up but there’s a period of badassness (another real word…look it up) in there. Larry hates gnomes as much as the next guy, except the difference is  that he’s willing to do something about it. Gnomes are attacking people  so it’s up to Larry to remind them why they shouldn’t ever leave the  garden…by kicking the crap out of them of course.

Shark – Miami Shark:

Miami Shark must have been made by two guys on a lot of caffeine at four in the morning because it’s just a massive ball of awesomeness. You play as a shark who wants to simply destroy everything. You chomp down on  swimmers, boaters, even planes flying through the air. Everyone thought they were safe in the air from sharks but not this one. This shark will  clamp down onto your plane and drag you down into a fiery explosion on  the surface of the water. It’s a great feeling button mashing to drag a full blown 747 into the depths while a riff that sounds strikingly  similar to the original guitar riff from “Power Rangers”….badass!

Driver – Road of the Dead:

Alright, so quiz time: what is more badass then an armored car flying down the highway, demolishing the undead?

The answer is…the driver. This guy rigs his car to handle anything and makes for the nearest highway to get out of the undead quarantined zone. If that means he’s got to crush some zombie skulls…so be it. If that means he has to crush some army resistance…so be it. This guy has such intense driving skills; he can make an army helicopter take itself out…need I say more?Wizard – Wizard’s Run:You are a wizard. An evil sorcerer wants his privacy to take over the worldand an army of orcs and fellow sorcerers to stop anyone who tries to intervene. What do you do? Most would back off and call someone else but this wizard has had enough. He’s not just taking out an army of evil with his spells. He’s doing it while running towards them. The wizard literally never stops running the entire time, just keeps blasting the waves of enemies he encounters in one long marathon to reach the man behind the army and put a stop to him for good. He’s like the Chuck Norris of wizards. A true badass!

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