Luke Cage is the third Netflix/Marvel show to hit its second season, following Jessica Jones Season 2. The second seasons are expanding on the lives of The Defenders now that their origin stories are out of the way. Season 2 has a lot of expectations to live up to. The first season of Luke Cage was a hit to some and (excuse the pun) lukewarm to others. Does the trailer give us hope that the show can rise to the occasion? With a solid new villain and a returning cast, Luke Cage Season 2 has all tools it needs.

Last we saw Luke at the end of The Defenders, he had new allies and a renewed mission to protect Harlem. Season 2, free of an origin story, looks to jump right into things. The biggest complaint about Season 1 was the slow pace of learning who Luke Cage is, how he got his powers, and how he started his mission. Now that we’re past that, things can get fun. Mike Coulter is clearly embracing the role in the trailer. Luke comes across as more confident and driven.
Our new villain, Bushmaster, has a lot of history with Luke Cage and the other Heroes for Hire. Bushmaster’s early storyline included Misty Knight, featured in the trailer with her new bionic arm, and Iron Fist. Danny Rand, The Iron Fist and Sworn Protector of Kun Lun, was not seen in the trailer, despite reports that Iron Fist actor Finn Jones would be in Luke Cage Season 2. The two characters had a great chemistry in The Defenders. Having them both show up on each other’s respective shows is one of the things fans have been hoping for from the upcoming seasons.
The trailer shows Luke Cage kicking ass and not bothering with names, cleaning up Harlem at a steady pace until he comes across Bushmaster. They don’t reveal in the trailer about the villain’s origins. It teases some magical elements to explain how Bushmaster can go toe-to-toe (or toe-to-face as the trailer shows) with Luke Cage.
Black Mariah is a threat, looming in the background, Claire Temple returns as Luke’s love interest, and the mysterious Shades also makes an appearance in the trailer. Lots of folks wonder how Luke Cage Season 2 will handle the events of Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War, or if it will even acknowledge the film, but the trailer shows no hint of it. Either way, ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 is ramping up to be an action-packed continuation of Netflix’s street-level superhero story.

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