Once we all realized Doctor Who was to reach its 50th Anniversary the rumors of past Doctors returning and promises of multi-Doctor adventures were rampant. Since then we’ve learned only one previous Doctor, the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), will be returning to save the world? universe? himself? – that part we don’t really know – alongside the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith). Until now some fans, myself included, held out hope they’d realize some way to incorporate the surviving Classic Doctors (4th Tom Baker, 5th Peter Davison, 6th Colin Baker, 7th Sylvestor McCoy, and 8th Paul McGann), but alas, it just ain’t happening. An especial bummer for Eighth Doctor fans. The guy only got one mediocre, TV movie!

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine – which also contains those “The Name of The Doctor” spoilers you’ll find below the cut – has confirmed no other Doctors are appearing in the anniversary special, stating, “Although David Tennant has returned to his role of the Tenth Doctor, the other old Doctors will not be taking part.” Wah-wah. There’s still a chance they’ll be included in some fashion, maybe in recycled audio, but expect no new appearances.

Those looking for new material from Classic Doctors shouldn’t worry too much, there’s still Big Finish’s excellent audio adventures. They’ll even have their own 50th Anniversary special which will feature Doctors Fourth through Eighth! Plus audio clips from Doctors First through Third, so really, it’s the more comprehensive 50th anniversary special.

Now for those finale spoilers, hit the jump!


There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this season’s finale, particularly because it’s setting up the 50th Anniversary special and Steven Moffat‘s promised nothing with be the same ever again. Which is quite ambitious sounding, isn’t it? Well, if these spoilers hold true – and with them coming form DWM I have no reason to believe they’re false – this finale is going to be HUGE.

And, if you truly want to nothing about what’s happening in Doctor Who‘s Season 7B finale, stop reading. Seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I said SPOILERS.

First, here’s the episode’s synopsis:

Every journey taken by a time-traveller tears a wound in the fabric of reality, and the Doctor has time-travelled more than anyone. But the trail runs cold in Trenzalore, the one place in all of time and space that he should never go. The most dangerous place in the universe… Who is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him to Trenzalore? Could the Fall of the Eleventh be nigh? Or does an impossible girl hold the key? The Doctor’s past, present, and future lives are in grave danger… and his greatest secret is about to be revealed.

A quote from the episode:

THE DOCTOR: “The path I carved through time and space, from Gallifrey to Trenzalore. My own personal time tunnel, leading back to every moment I ever lived. Every step, every tear, every kiss. Even the days I haven’t lived yet. Which is why I shouldn’t be here. The paradoxes… very bad…”

And other miscellaneous, spoilery stuff,

Richard E Grant is back as Dr Simeon (“Hello again,” says the Doctor. “How’s the Intelligence – still Great?”)

Post-Library River Song returns (“Oh, I do like to watch a man think; it’s like watching a whale knit!”).

On the Doctor’s feelings for River, Moffat says: “You never quite know what the Doctor feels. I don’t think you ever should.”

There’s more snogging

Moffat says there hasn’t been a “proper doom-fraught episode” in a while. If this episode is about anything, it’s about death. There is a funereal atmosphere, literally.

Will everyone make it to the end of the episode alive? Spoiler: no

Will we, at last, learn the true identity of Clara Oswald, the impossible girl? Spoiler: yes!

Will the Doctor’s greatest secret be revealed? Spoiler: possibly

DWM doesn’t know how the episode ends, it’s that secret

After this episode, nothing will ever be the same again

I think the most intriguing bit up there is we’ll see Post-Library River Song! I mean, she’s still stuck in the Library, right? All non-corporeal and stuff. How will she appear in the finale, and further more show up at Trenzalore? And what the fuck is Trenzalore!? I mean really, is it a planet? Good to know we’ll definitely find out the truth about Clara. That would have been irritating to leave hanging. Though, now I’m fearing she’s who doesn’t make it out alive, which is a real shame. I’ve grown to like Clara quite a bit.

What have these spoilers got you thinking? Any theories?

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