Here’s something that has bad idea written all over it, but it’s being developed regardless. Nearly 25 years after its theatrical release, Paramount is talking about bringing Ghost to the small screen in a new series. Yes, that Ghost. The one with Patrick Swayze, pot making, the Righteous Brothers, and Academy Award winning acting by Whoopi Goldberg.

Variety is reporting that Akiva Goldsman and Jeff Pinkner are in the process of putting together a pilot for a new series based on Jerry Zucker‘s Ghost, the story of a man killed by by criminals, but sticks around as a ghost to protect his beloved and solve his murder with the help of a supposedly fraudulent psychic. How this will lend itself to a weekly series, I have no idea, but then again they turned The Crow into TV show, and there was a Highlander spin-off after all this “there can only be one” nonsense, and M*A*S*H lasted three-times longer than the actual Korean War, so who says TV shows have to make sense.

There’s not yet any word on what Goldman and Pinkner have planned, or what, if any, elements from the original movie will make it into the series; maybe it will be Ghost in name only like Friday the 13th the Series. Also, there’s no network or cable channel attached right now, so this may not even get beyond the pilot stage. Hell, you may never hear anything about it ever again after this. I guess we’ll see.

More news as it (may) develop.

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