Dads, am I right? Sometimes they are awkward or they don’t get the stuff you’re into. Other times, they crack awful puns or get you grounded on trumped up charges, but they always make it worth your while. Like for example when they go out of their way to get you that one thing you really, really want or when they stick by you even when you have come up with the awful idea of pursuing an acting (or worse yet, a writing) career.

In Harley Quinn Smith‘s case, her payout came when her dad (nerd-culture legend Kevin Smith) handed her one of the most important movie memorabilia of her life…

We haven’t even gotten a chance to see Margot Robbie in the skin of Joker-sidekick Harley Quinn and already, the supervillain is making waves. Her “Good Night” imprinted baseball bat has helped her complete the grim and gritty look that the developers are going after for Suicide Squad‘s first film debut and already it’s in the hands of Kevin Smith‘s 16-year old daughter, Harley Quinn. The bat was, apparently, a way for her dad to push her to further pursue her lifelong ambition to one day actually fill the role of the supervillain.


Apparently, Kevin Smith was driven to the heights of fatherly nerdiness after reading his daughter’s pledge in the recent Sundance issue of The Hollywood Reporter. The budding nerdette actress said:

“I will not leave this earth until I play Harley Quinn.”

According to Kevin Smith, he had not become aware of the fact (even though christening her after the character should have been a dead giveaway) and immediately went on to say, in a recent interview:

“While reading the piece (entitled ‘Mr & Miss Smith’) I actually learned something about my kid: she wants to one day play her namesake… ‘atta girl, Kiddo! Shoot the moon! In a world where “that a–hole from Fashionable Male” wound up being the best Batman we’ve ever had, why the f–k CAN’T you play Harley Quinn one day? Play her – just never BE her (especially with the lousy taste in men). Always strive to be the Harley Quinn you are now: the Harley Quinn who made my life mean something when she turned me into a Dad.”

Jumping for joy, Harely Quinn Smith then went on to post photos of her self with the actual bat and her certificate of authenticity of Instagram, saying that:

“I’m not joking when I say I cried for an hour. Life is a beautiful, magical thing. I was coincidentally also wearing this sweater. ONE STEP CLOSER TO PLAYING HARLEY QUINN I WILL MAKE YOU PROUD MARGOT.”

Keeping in mind that we have gushed over our dads getting us mere tickets of The Phantom Menace when we were young and eager to be disappointed, we can’t even begin to imagine what getting our very own movie memorabilia from our namesake superhuman before their upcoming movie even hits theaters. Our bet would be that we’d go into a happiness-overload coma that would cause us to wake two days after the movie’s DVD release was discontinued forever.

And for those of us that don’t have Kevin Smith for a dad, what the hey; we can always get our fathers to watch the newset Suicide Squad trailer with us:

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