There’s a crazy orgy of news and rumors regarding the casting of Marc Webb‘s Spider-Man (Webb. Spider-man. I still think the coincidence is funny.) 3D reboot, staring Andrew Garfield (The Social Network) as Peter Parker.

Lets start with the crazy and then move on to the hot female actors and the nerds who love them.

In a completely unconfirmed, and way out of left field rumor, it appears Philip Seymore Hoffman is in talks to take on the role of Venom.

Here’s the short and rather elusive quote from deadline:

Early unconfirmed talk: they want to bring back Venom and they are looking at Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Uh what? They’re bringing Venom back and they want a fat sloth of a man (good actor, but he’s wicked gross. Not a guy I’d go gay for) to play him? That shit just doesn’t make any sense. If the Spider-man reboot is based off the Ultimate Avengers comic series (Spider-Man in high school) Venom doesn’t come along in the story till much later. A whole rogues gallery of villains come before him. Now, that’s just assuming their sticking to the canon of Ultimate Spider-man. It will most likely be loosely based and left to subjectivity. Yes, they ruined Venom in SM3, and there could be effort to redeem the character, but it just doesn’t seem likely to introduce him this early in the reboot. Plus, Hoffman is totally not right for the role. Yes, he can act , but, again I say “fat slot of a man”. The character of Eddie Brock is the mirror opposite of Hoffman. Someone that MMA star Brock Lesnar should play (solely based on looks of course). I’m so fairly confident that this rumor is completely nerd fabricated that if in the odd chance Philip Seymore Hoffman plays Venom I’ll wear a “God Hates Girls That Love Twilight” T-Shit at the premier of the next Twilight movie, which will most likely result in my immediate death.

Moving on.


Deadline also reports that a couple more names have been added to the list of possible female leads to play opposite Andrew Garfield in the movie. the actresses include Dianna Agron, who stars in the hit series Glee as well as Georgina Haig, the star of the Ben C. Lucas-directed Wasted on the Young.

The other names on the list of contenders are Zombieland and Easy A star Emma Stone, Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska, and Dominique McElligott, from the 2009 Sony Pictures Classics release Moon. As of right now it’s down to these five ladies. One will take the role of Gwen Stacy and one will be cast as Mary Jane Watson, as speculated.

Who would you like to see in the role of Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson? Also, what are your thoughts on the possibility of Hoffman playing Venom?

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