Since their debut in the 80’s, many kids have dreamt of owning a giant Transformer. Michael Bay brought those fantasies to the big screen when he made the first live action Transformers movie. Now, a Turkish company has embraced its inner God Complex and created a real life transforming robot. Should we have done this? Is the world ready for this? What does Michael Bay think?

The Turkish company, Letvision has created a full sized BMW that transforms into a giant robot. Named Letrons, the entire system operates on remote control and is a sight to behold. Completely functional, the BMW can be driven around by a person through remote control. At the push of a button, the car flashes its headlights and sounds an alarm letting others know that it is transforming. Once it stands up in robot form, the hands are fully articulated. In the video, the robot flexes all of its fingers on its left hand and seemingly flexes its trigger finger. Mercifully, there was no weapon shown with the robot, however the implication was clear: Letrons could hold a gun and pull the trigger. See for yourself.



The one downside to all this, is that there doesn’t seem to be any room for a driver or passengers, so for now, remote control appears to be the only way to operate Letron. However, Letvision is still looking to sell these, despite no price or availability information being available. Letron will come in several different color schemes and body types. Hopefully, a new Letron-inspired robot fighting league will be created once these robots in disguise become available.




Still no word on whether or not it is a Decepticon or an Autobot. The world will have to patiently wait for Letvision to produce a transforming fighter jet.

Michael Bay has not responded to our inquiry as of this writing.


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