I’m sorry, but who wouldn’t want this!? (She types, knowingly opening herself to the vitriol of the internet claiming the complete opposite.) Both River and Jack are companions to The Doctor who have proven themselves to be exceedingly capable at not only taking care of themselves but righting wrongs and saving the universe. And wouldn’t they just make the most formidable and flirty of teams? I love it already, and I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one.

John Barrowman and Alex Kingston are all for it. The two have recently both appeared on the CW’s Arrow, but this wasn’t where the spinoff idea was struck. They recently met again at theatre producer Cameron Mackintosh’s house for an anniversary celebration and got chatting about their Doctor Who characters. According to Barrowman, who spoke with TV Addict, this is how it all went down,

We didn’t even say anything, we just looked at each other and went, ‘Aaaaaahhh! My god!’ We got a glass of champagne and started talking about how it would be great if River and Jack — actually, she said River and Jack should have their own TV show. Then as we talked more, we realized that we’re both born on the same day. We’re both March 11 babies and we have so much in common. We like a lot of the same things and our attitude towards stuff is very, very similar. It struck a chord with us because that’s why River and Jack are very similar characters, in their attitude and their fun and their aggression, we are the same in real life — which is really ironic.

I don’t need to hear anymore, someone start making a pitch and let’s get this series rolling. With Torchwood‘s future in limbo and who knows what will happen with River once Steven Moffat leaves Who, I think a River Song/Captain Jack Harkness Adventure Hour is just what The Doctor ordered. (I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.) What do you think?

Source: TV Addict via Huffington Post

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