A True IT Hero

image012Everyone who works in IT has one of those days.  A day when you just feel like the time has come for justice to be done, no more hand holding of stupid people or ignorant bosses.  Today is the day when you throw you hands in the air and say f**k it, this crap ends here and now.  You decide that it is time your boss’s annoying secretary knows you have a copy of her purity test, it is time your boss realizes that you have a hard copy of his browser’s history file.  Who knows maybe his wife would also like www.ideepthroatsheep.com if only she new how much of a devoted fan he was?

For those who have let this day come and pass I share with you the stories of that most revered God in the IT world Simon B.O.F.H., a hero to many a PIA to all who work with, near, or around him.  He didn’t let that day come and pass, he grabbed life by the horns, realizing how fun a sysadmin job can be if one had no morals or ethics.  These stories have been around sense the early days of the web and many are now IT legends.  The original stories can be found here, in all their netscape 4.0 frames glory.  There are also several new variations on the original being published by The Register on a semi-regular basis.

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