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Who’s the better smuggler – Han Solo or Mal Reynolds? What would happen if the Juggernaut ran into the Blob? If you had to turn a friend on to Batman, what would be the quintessential reads and viewings? Just what is up with Hollywood and all those silly remakes, anyway? Emma (Waston) vs Emma (Stone) – who can decide?

These very important questions and more are just some of the daily ponderings analyzed and scrutinized on pop culture blog www.nerdbastards.com. And news? Wanna know the latest happenings and excitement regarding the newest Star Wars films? How about Deadpool? Or all the hubbub regarding latest reboots? Yep, we got all that covered and more. Oh my gosh… how about The Flash, Arrow, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones…. AHHH! TV is our mother, teacher, and secret lover. We review, rant, and rave about it all.

Officially, Nerd Bastards.com (started in 2009) is a pulsing nerd/geek/genre-centric news and entertainment site with a focus on unique features and opinion pieces. It all started when our founder and editor-in-chief Luke Gallagher, in a slightly inebriated rage, grew tired of visiting countless news and entertainment sites (back when websites were very niche orientated). He wanted One Site to rule them all, One Site to find them, One Site to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. Offering trending pop-culture news and other various nerdy bits in one place a product of necessity.

Why “Nerd” Bastards instead of Geek Bastards? ‘Cause Geeks bite the heads off of chickens. Look it up.

We’ve come here to chew bubblegum and write stupid stuff… and we’re all out of bubblegum. For what is best in life? To crush our nerdy enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentations of their make-believe girlfriends.

So grab a chimichanga, do the Truffle Shuffle, and sit back and relax as we take you – our nerdy brethren – on a Willy Wonka boat ride into a world of news, reviews, opinion pieces, and of course, pure imagination.