Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead

philip seymour hoffman

More bad news folks, for the world has lost yet another great actor of our time. Philip Seymour Hoffman has been found dead at the age of 46. And no, this is not another Internet celebrity-dead hoax. The death has been officially confirmed by the New York Police Department. Scroll down for more details.

Hoffman was found dead in his apartment this Sunday afternoon at approximately noon. The cause of death was an apparent drug overdose, though the coroner is currently working to confirm whether that was indeed the case. Hoffman has had a history of drug problems, even going so far as to enter into rehab last year.

Many may remember Hoffman for his Academy Award-winning performance in Capote. Many more likely remember him from any number of other films that he starred in, always delivering an excellent performance. He was even one of the Internet’s top choices to take on the role of The Penguin back when Nolan’s Batman trilogy was casting. Unfortunately, we shall never get to see whether Hoffman would have eventually brought his exceptional skill to the super hero film genre.

Goodbye and Godspeed, Mr. Hoffman. Thanks for the legacy.


Thanks to the WSJ for the heads-up.

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