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British-born actress Adaku Ononogbo has had a few uncredited roles in big films. You probably remember her as Muddy Waters’ Girlfriend in ‘Cadillac Records.’ Or Virgin Guard in ‘The Dictator.’ She’s also been featured in a couple independents, most specifically where she plays an ass-kicker in ‘Altruism.’ A quick look through her social media pages will prove to you that she takes her career seriously, working hard to climb that next rung on the ladder of success. Take her Twitter page, for instance. That’s where we found her bid for the as yet unannounced role of DC Comics heroine Vixen in the upcoming film ‘Suicide Squad.’ It’s a well-done photo of her mimicking a great shot of Vixen chillin’ with a lion. Check it out after the jump.

Adaku Ononogbo

Actors and actresses do this sort of thing all the time. And it’s a very smart move. Want a role? Let’s see what you look like dressed in the part. Or just mention it in a tweet. Whether Vin Diesel is going to play Black Bolt or any other member of the Inhumans, this tweet put thoughts in our heads. Directors do it too. Joe Carnehan’s sizzle reel for a Daredevil’ reboot didn’t wow executives, but Edgar Wright’s mini ‘Ant-Man’ production (mini – get it?) got him the job with Marvel. He ended up leaving the job, but still. These industry moves are old hat but they never go out of style. Ms. Ononogbo knows that, hence why we have this:


“One of my dream roles I’m gunning for. Pls RT/Thank you. @DCComics #AdakuIsVixen #Vixen”

Hey, God bless her – she put it out there. In the real world though, that role might go to a big name if Vixen’s ever brought to the big screen. But you know Hollywood, not to mention Warner’s spotty casting choices. I wouldn’t be surprised if the job went to Beyonce or Nikki Minaj instead.Which would be horrendous because Vixen is super cool. She was supposed to be the first African female hero to star in her own DC Comics book, but it was canceled in 1978 before it hit shelves. Through the use of a totem passed down through generations of her tribe, she can assume the abilities of any animal that ever lived. Or didn’t live, like dragons, which is weird as hell. Not so sure about that one, DC. But if you remember, Vixen was in the Squad for awhile, hence the relationship. Her other main run is with the Justice League and I highly doubt she’ll make an appearance in either flick any time soon.

Here she is in action, helping bumrush a brainwashed Wonder Woman in ‘Justice League Unlimited.’

But back to Ms. Ononogbo. Here’s her demo reel. You choose if her acting chops are up to scratch.

Well, she’ll slap a dude, tell ya that. Poor guy’s just trying to assert himself and ends up taking a swing to the cheek. Good thing they stepped away from that door or everybody outside would’ve heard her play his grill like a snare drum. As far as I’m concerned, she did an alright job. But can she play Vixen? That remains to be seen. But she sure seems like a comics fan, and that makes her A-OK in my book. Good luck to her!

Adaku Ononogbo 2

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