Admiral Ackbar Wants Me To What?

He may know “it’s a trap” but that doesn’t mean he won’t ram into it with all he’s got, he’s an Admiral after all.

Admiral Ackbar may be a puppet to us normal folk, but in Star Wars he is the smoothest Mon Calamarian in the entire universe. In this behind-the-scenes footage from Return of the Jedi, Admiral Ackbar’s puppeteer (Whoa, I always thought Ackbar was performed by a dude in a mask, rather than a puppet) decided to practice his lines in a purposely perverted manner. At least I think it was purposeful. Then again, there were no double entendres or inflection in his speech to indicate immaturity. Maybe people just like hearing themselves say “penetrate”. A mantra we should all live by perhaps?

This must be how Lando got so smooth, either that or the Colt 45 in his bloodstream.

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