So Sometimes the real news is so bizarre, it belongs in a strange Middle Earth type world. This abhorrent story is by Sphere, and is TOTALLY TRUE.

Over the past two years — according to a new report from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies — at least 56 albinos in the two countries have been murdered, and their body parts used by witch doctors to make charms and potions. The last known killing took place on Oct. 21, when albino hunters attacked 10-year-old Gasper Elikana in northern Tanzania. A gang of men hacked the boy to death in front of his family and neighbors — who were wounded trying to protect the child — before fleeing with his severed leg.

albino child

Tony Karumba, AFP/Getty Images

Albino children take a break at a school for the blind in East Africa.

In the face of such brutality, thousands of albinos have gone into hiding, including 300 children being sheltered by the Red Cross at police-protected schools. “This is a great source of shame for the region,” says Isaac Mwaura, national coordinator for the Albinism Society in neighboring Kenya, and an albino himself. “These are people who lack melanin, who are vulnerable, who nature has not treated so kindly. To then attack them and deprive them of the right to live is simply barbaric.”

What sparked this outburst of targeted violence is still unclear. Some have blamed local folklore, which says albinos are endowed with mystical powers. “People think that we don’t die and many other things that aren’t true,” says Mwaura. “Albinos are seen as a cure, because they possess something out of the ordinary.”

Albinism is defined as a lack of melanin often with a contributing legal blindness, leaving the people who have the affliction with light skin and a need of glasses. Mystical Powers? These ass backwards, 3rd world fucks need to get a taste of the contemporary century we live in. Witch Doctors? I am insane with rage over this issue and would like to share it as a Nerd’s way of showing you that magic, and fantastical healing powers, and mystical creatures; while amazing in stories are absolutely borderline Satanic sacrificial rituals… Child soldiers, and Albino hunting poachers trading body parts for Witch Doctors…You can’t write that movie, it writes itself.

My Heart is with these poor fucken souls.

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