More still pictures from the sets of Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Ho hum, I wonder if Honest Trailers is doing anyth…

Oh wait, these pictures move! Eyes don’t fail me now! 

The video below is a monstrous 16 minutes of dramatic long shots of Scarlet Witch almost doing something, set to a bed of even more dramatic music. Actually, the shots might be pretty mellow but the added soundtrack really heightens the suspense. Why such an ominous gathering on the bridge? Who is that shadowy fellow in the white hat?? I sure am anxious staring at that green screen! Seriously, watch the video just for the heart palpitating score.

This is bird’s-eye viewing at its finest. Find the bird that shot this video and hire that joker STAT.

It’s definitely a fun bit of insight into the simple making of a thing that’s bound to be extraordinary. It’s shot in Italy but set in Russia, with more extras than Don Blake can shake a stick at. There’s lots of fake snow and actors wearing warm clothing, so surely there’s something about the plot we can glean from those clues.

The scale of this project is an indication of Marvel’s and Joss Whedon’s powers, shooting around the globe all willy nilly, with pockets deeper than Namor’s basement. There are big things coming with Age Of Ultron and, for me, it just can’t come come out fast enough.

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