There have been murmurings of a possible TV series starring Captain America‘s Peggy Carter ever since the Agent Carter film short was so well received, and the murmurings only intensified when Marvel brought their cinematic universe to television with  Agents of SHIELD. Actress Hayley Atwell has also been quite vocal about her enthusiasm to reprise the character were a TV show to happen. And with the news Deadline is reporting an Agent Carter series is looking all the more likely.

Deadline’s scoop is this: Reaper creators Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas have “quietly” signed the dotted line and come on board for Marvel’s Agent Carter series. There’s been no official confirmation of this due to the project’s high level of secrecy. Either that or Deadline is pulling this one out of their asses, but I’m obliged to believe them.

With Agents of SHIELD not overwhelmingly popular, Agent Carter might prove more successful. After all, Peggy was a standout character in Captain America, so much so she’s appearing in the sequel (whether in flashback or aged up is unclear) and scored her own short film. Coulson’s popularity grew thanks to his starring role in a couple Marvel one-shots, I don’t see why Peggy can’t do the same and score her own TV gig.

Plus, I must mention how overjoyed I am – assuming this is all true – to see Marvel choose two women as showrunners for an Agent Carter series. Bravo. I haven’t ever seen Reaper, but I hear it was a sorely underrated program cancelled before it really had a shot. Hopefully, the same fate isn’t in the cards for Agent Carter. I mean, if ABC will let Agents of SHIELD limp along, surely Agent Carter will get a shot.

What do you think of Marvel’s decision to move forward with an Agent Carter television series? Smart move? Good synergy since Captain America: The Winter Soldier releases in theatres soon (April 4th, 2014)?

Source: Deadline

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