As our friends from geekologie pointed out this isn’t actually a working robot. It’s just a guy in a really badass robot suit. With that said, this very well could be a glimpse of the impending robot apocalypse. This is how it starts. The machines will dazzle you with some suave dance moves and sooth you with lounge versions of songs like Wonderwall and then they will MURDER YOU with FREAKING LASERS!! I say burn this thing with a torch, get rid of it before Cyberdyne gets any ideas.

 Upon further inspection this robo suit is actually called the Titan Robot. It was designed by Nik Fielding of Devon, England. This behemoth hunk of metal stands over 7 feet tall and weighs 750 lbs. So basically it’s the Andre the giant of robo suits. Titan tours the country performing in public and private events. He even does Bar Mitzvahs.

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