From the beginning until the neverending end of “All About Steve”, we are forced to deal with Sandra Bullock’s nearly insufferable and unrealistically oblivious character Mary. Working for a crossword puzzle section of a newspaper she spews useless information and mindnumbing rants out in the middle of normal conversations leaving most people baffled. When set up on a blind date with Steve(Bradley Cooper playing the straight guy), she may have misunderstood his pillowtalk by saying to her he wished she could tag along on his news/cameraman assignments. After realizing within under 5 minutes Steve has hooked a girl who is, for lack of a better term, tapped, he makes his getaway in “Feets don’t feel me now!” fashion.

So on comes the rediculous Bubble Boy style roadtrip where Mary is trying to locate her dreamguy who doesn’t want her.

“All About Steve”,had me aggrivated from the getgo and annoyed anytime Bullock was onscreen. After just coming off a Streep Like monster ala “Prada” with Bullock’s “The Proposal”, it is a shame she had this as her followup. The physical comedy and sexual tension and the formula of having a heart of stone turn to a heart of gold is an age old movie cliche that is almost always a homerun. “The Propsal” with Ryan Reynolds was fresh and awkwardly sexy, “Steve” was just awkward.

Bullock does have her ageless charm working for her. Being 44, she still pulls off 30 and and is still completely adorable. You just are blinded by this annoying character to see her in that light. This film is not a NerdBastard’s cup of coffee. It was one of the ones you owe your girl. If you NerdBastards are lucky enough to have one, and you drag her to comic cons or ren faires or Sci fi films, you owe her, sitting through these mundane and tright rom-coms. I love rom-com’s this one was just a miss for me…Gird your loins my friend, if you get dragged.

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