The nation of Japan has brought the world many wonderful bounties: Godzilla, Akira, Hello Kitty.  However, for every Full Metal Alchemist, there’s a splash of hentai that crops up to wreak havoc on all  that you find holy and pure. With that in mind, it should be no wonder that Japan chose to celebrate the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy in its country over the weekend in a way that will make you wonder  if the AI revolution is upon us.

In commemoration of Guardians’ Japanese debut, this animatronic Arthur C. Clarke fever dream of Rocket Raccoon was rolled out for the masses. A Japanese reporter asked  Robo-Rocket some questions and, while I know zero Japanese, I assume that the questions had to do  with what place humanity had in the coming Homo sapien slaughter.

Guardians of the Galaxy is still in theaters and recently passed the $300 million mark for domestic ticket sales, with a combined $600 million globally. I can only imagine that the animatronic Rocket will take  those profits to construct his own soulless army of automatons.

Via:  James Gunn

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