All Of The Harry Potter Parodies You Could Ever Want

In honor of the fact that the last film in the Harry Potter franchise has finally arrived, we’ve got a compilation of HP-inspired parodies for y’all! You may have seen some of these videos featured on Nerd Bastards over the past few weeks, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to have ’em all in one place.

“Stupefy You” is a parody of Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You”, by ThePitNYC. It’s pretty wacky!

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Mandy put together a parody of Beyonce’s “Halo”, called “Hallows”. While her makeup job isn’t the best, she actually did a pretty good job with the lyrics and the video concept.

Broadway’s Book of Mormon has been critically acclaimed and even won a shitload of Tony Awards, including best musical. Tessa Netting came up with this Harry Potter-inspired version of “Hello” — the opening song — from the hit musical. She actually does a kickass job with the multi track, here. And the Dr. Evil-esque Voldy? Awesome.

Jessica Frech performs “I’m a Wizard”. This video is a real fuckin’ trip. I’m not quite sure what else to say about it.

“Like a G6” very conveniently becomes “Like it’s Quidditch”, in this parody by The Station. That Asian chick looks quite a bit like Tila Tequila. But, whatever; Asian chicks all look the same, anyway.

It was bound to happen amidst all of the Rebecca Black parodies. Here, we present “Ravenclaws” by GinnyIsAPrincess. Which book to read…?

From the same girl, we have “We R Slytherins”, a parody of Ke$ha’s “We R Who We R”.

Kiera Jo is the first one of these parody creators who can actually sing. “Harry Will Never End” is based off the song “When Will My Life Begin” from Tangled.

Where would we be without “Baby Got Back” parodies? Bad Wand Productions presents “Baby Got Broom”. The Engorgio charm would have a number of great uses.

Electric Spoofaloo‘s Harry Potter Gangsta Rap, called “Straight Outta Hogwarts”! There’s also a behind-the-scenes video if you’re interested.

Also from Electric Spoofalo, we have the Death Eaters’ response to the rap above. It’s a battle, yo!

And we have another Harry Potter rap video, this time with Harry and Voldemort facing off directly in a one on one rap battle. The makeup used for Voldemort’s actually pretty damn impressive.

Away you go, Harry Potter Nerds!

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