Today we have some Amazing Spider-Man 2 news that actually has NOTHING to do  with marketing spam (well, not directly)! I know, I can’t believe it either. But with the  movie coming up in just a few weeks, I guess they feel comfortable enough with what  they’ve put out there thus far? Anyways, the new information is regarding a couple of  interesting things. The first is that, oddly enough, Amazing Spider-Man 2 will feature no TASM after-credits scene, but it will feature a clip from the upcoming X-Men: Days  of Future Past. The other, more sane-sounding bit of news is that some folks are finally talking about what we might see in Amazing Spider-Man 3. Scroll down for all the juicy  info.

First up – WTF? Why on Earth would Sony take a clip from a Fox movie and put it at the  end of Amazing Spider-Man 2? Before you get your hopes up that there might be some  cross-over potential somewhere down the line, there’s a simpler reason for the anomaly – money.

Apparently, TASM director Marc Webb was previously attached to Fox until he landed his gig with Sony. As part of the deal to move him from one camp to the other, the folks at Fox demanded a little bit of help with their marketing. That helps consists of some free press for DOFP courtesy of Team Spidey.

The scene, according to those that have seen it, features Mystique, Havok and Toad in some sort of conflict with William Stryker and his military thugs. So, if you haven’t seen enough DOFP footage thus far, feel free to hang out until the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 and watch even more ass-kicking action.

The second bit of news consists of some information regarding the inevitable third chapter in the Sony’s Spider-Man franchise. Check out the video below, in which some of the cast and crew of TASM 2 talk about the future of Spidey and his nemeses.

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A darker Peter Parker? Are we looking at the rumored death of Gwen Stacy here? Or will the writers be using some other device to ruin Spidey’s day? One thing’s for certain – if they make him go emo like Raimi did with the third Spider-Man in his series, I’m going to strangle someone.

Check out Amazing Spider-Man 2 when it shows up in the US on May 2nd

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