The world has gone spoiler-crazy as of recently. You’re either terrified you’ll hear one or you’re desperately seeking them out. Just to be clear, this article is for those who associate with the latter. Don’t want the spoils, don’t continue reading, ‘kay?

When it was first announced there’d be a reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise only a few years after Sam Raimi ended his trilogy with that terribly disappointing Spider-Man 3, most fans we’re a little surprised we’d have new Spider-Man films quite so soon. Of course, Spider-Man’s a high-grossing property and Sony would like to continue to cash in before the film rights revert back to Marvel, and more importantly Disney. Thankfully, The Amazing Spider-Man looks, well, amazing and I think we’ll be in for a fantastic flick not just a chance for Sony to rake in more moolah.

Okay, I think I’ve wasted enough space that most spoiler-phobics have left, right? I hope so ’cause here we go. In the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is back with his first girl, Gwen Stacy, portrayed in the film by, funnily enough, Mary-Jane look-a-like, Emma Stone. Also, this isn’t the same Gwen that appeared in Spider-Man 3, I don’t know who the hell she was supposed to be. This is the Gwen Peter was dating in late 60s, early 70s until she died June of 1973, in the Amazing Spider-Man #121.

Yup, she bit the dust, and in one of the most heartbreaking and tragic deaths in comic book history. It was such a defining moment in Spider-Man’s history that she’s stayed dead, mostly, these 40 years, which is impressive for any comic book character. Here’s her death as it was portrayed originally in 1973,

But he doesn’t save her, in fact it’s the force from his webs catching her leg that causes her neck to snap. To say this has a soul-crushing effect on Spidey, is an understatement. It also confirms the Green Goblin as Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis since he’s the one who pushed her from the bridge in the first place.

So will we see this major character death in Amazing Spider-Man? Maybe, here’s what Stone said this past weekend at WonderCon when discussing how she approached Gwen,

There was a fair amount of research for me to do, because I didn’t read the comic books growing up, so of course I had a lot to brush up on. But for the most part, the definitive part of Gwen Stacy, more than anything, more than the different incarnations of her personality—because she was a hippie, she had twins with Norman Osborn, there were a lot of things we didn’t really touch on quite as much, and there were some updates to Gwen as well, because it’s present day—I think that Gwen’s underlying factor remains incredibly sad, until what happens, which is incredibly tragic. Her father faces death every single day, her boyfriend faces death every single day, so she is constantly surrounded by an undercurrent of mortality. So she is in control and she is valedictorian and she is confident and smart because she has to be; she’s constantly in the face of something, so that’s why her end is so much more tragic, because—

Here, director Marc Webb cuts her off by saying, “You’re making me sad.” Was he trying to stop her from saying too much? Possibly, or he was just commenting and we’re looking for clues that aren’t there. But, Stone is talking about Gwen with a sense of finality, isn’t she? I think so, and ending Amazing Spider-Man on this note would pack quite the punch. What do you think, will Gwen die in Amazing Spider-Man or will we possibly see her death in a sequel?

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