Deadline reported Thursday that Neil Gaiman‘s American Gods is being set up at HBO by Playtone, the company co-owned by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman.

Gaiman said last month that rights to the book had just been purchased and that a “genius” director was on board, but wouldn’t name names. Now we can suppose that the rights were bought by Playtone, and the genius director has a name: Robert Richardson.

Richardson is the brilliant, Academy-Award winning cinemtographer who worked on films including JFK, Casino, The Aviator and Kill Bill 1&2. According to Gaiman, he’s been in love with the books for years, and according to Deadline the pair will work on the script for the pilot together.

Let’s recap the elements of awesome here: We’ve got one of the top production companies in the premium cable business, the author himself and a visual genius coordinating the thing. First Game of Thrones and now American Gods. Please let this happen.

PLUS: This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the publication of American Gods, and HarperCollins is releasing an author’s preferred text with 12,000 new words and a new introduction. They’re also releasing a new, full-cast audio recording, and holding a contest to give away a small part in the recording. Take a look at how it could be you.

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