I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already missing the Ponds like mad and there’s still half a season of them yet to come. This season on Doctor Who the Ponds will leave The Doctor in the fifth episode, “The Angels Take Manhattan” and many, many, MANY a tear will be shed during their farewell. Particularly if it will be as heartbreaking as The Moff has promised it will be.

But, before the Ponds make that fond and tearful farewell they’re getting their own spin-off web series called, Pond Life. It’ll be a five-part series and serve as a prequel to the upcoming series. Pond Life will begin airing on BBC‘s Youtube channel beginning August 27th, and it’ll play in full before the premiere of Series 7 on BBC1. Now word yet if we’ll be seeing Pond Life on BBC America, but again, it’ll be on Youtube so why bother.

Here’s the Ponds themselves, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, teasing Pond Life and basically being their usual, adorable selves,

Will you be sad to see the Ponds go? Or do you say good riddance?

Oh, and anyone else have the compulsion to get “Pond Life” tattooed on their knuckles? Just me? Oh, okay.

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