Andrew Lincoln To Leave The Walking Dead

AMC’s The Walking Dead has remained a favourite among TV viewers for some time now. Set in the aftermath of a zombie virus, the show mines creator Robert Kirkman’s comics for inspiration. It features a group of survivors, led by Andrew Lincoln’s, Rick Grimes slaying ‘walkers’ (zombies), warring with other bands of survivors and fighting for their humanity in a world otherwise devoid of it. With news filtering out that Lincoln is ready to leave the series, many are wondering what’s next for The Walking Dead.

Ever since its debut 6-episode season, The Walking Dead has featured Lincoln’s Rick Grimes as its primary POV-character. The former cop’s quest to reunite with his family after a nearly fatal shootout framed the show in its early days.

Things have evolved since then, but Rick’s internal conflict has always been about his ability to stare the monsters in the face, do what has to be done and keep his own humanity intact. Even when faced with the deaths of loved ones.

In recent years, audiences have dwindled for the series. Many blame the show’s frequent ‘filler’ episodes, but its predilection for killing off sympathetic characters and repetitive storylines have also come under fire.

Now, with Collider reporting that Lincoln will leave the show halfway through the season, it’s already possible to picture the mid-season cliff-hanger. Especially when you consider Lauren Cohan who plays Maggie will most likely be leaving around the same time.

With so many of the show’s long-term characters biting the dust in recent seasons, fans do have some good news to rejoice over. Daryl Dixon will likely become the primary protagonist and Norman Reedus will assume the role of lead-actor.

AMC is yet to confirm or refute the story, but it seems like big changes are in the air for The Walking Dead. Many of the show’s long-term stars could be looking to expand their repertoire with new roles, and with audiences already on the decline, now could be a good time for them to jump ship.

Assuming the rumour is true, one question needs to be answered: just how will Grimes make his exit? Hit up the Facebook comments with your ideas.

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