Not sure when this happened, but apparently Thor has a sister. And its Angela. You may know Angela as a Spawn character created by Neil Gaiman, and was one of a number of characters subject to a legal dispute between Gaiman and Spawn creator Todd MacFarlane. Emerging out of legal limbo, Gaiman passed control of Angela’s future to Marvel Comics (along with his stake in Miracleman) and the powerful redhead was quickly integrated into the cosmology of the Marvel U. In Asgard. As Thor’s secret sister. Coming out the recent gender reassignment of Thor in her new eponymously titled comic, her sister is also getting her own book called, Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #1. Some details and artwork follow.

The new book is being written by Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett, with artwork by Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans. “The story is Angela is basically on the run,” according to co-writer Gillen in conversation with “It gives her a chance to interact with a lot of different people, so, by the end of the first arc, we really get a sense of who Angela is vis-a-vis the Marvel Universe. This is how she interacts with Asgardians, this is how she interacts with Angels. This is how she interacts with the Guardians and the cosmic stuff. Here is how she interacts with the Earth. You get a sense of who she is and where she fits into the larger picture.”

As you may recall, Angela was first introduced to comic readers in Spawn #9 as Heaven’s bounty hunter, an angel sent to Earth to take out Al Simmons, AKA: Spawn. In the Marvel Universe, she first appeared in the Age of Ultron event miniseries, and has since interacted with the Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as the Thor series books.

Here’s the plot synopsis for the new series:

All her life, Angela — the finest warrior of Heven — was raised to hate Asgard with every fiber of her being.  And now Angela knows the truth about her identity: She is Thor’s sister. She is an Asgardian.  Cast out of her home and wanting nothing to do with Asgard, Angela must now strike out on her own!  But what does Angela have that both Asgard and Heven want? And why are they so eager to get it?  Visionary writers Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett team with the legendary art team of Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans to finally throw the spotlight onto the Marvel Universe’s most dangerous inhabitant!

And here’s an image gallery of art work from the new series:

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