Over the last 5  years there’s been a resurgence in popular 80’s and 90’s cartoons or TV shows,  some of which have been revived and brought back for our viewing pleasure. Of course we’ve got a Full House revival, a miniseries continuation of The X-Files, new Twin Peaks next year, new Powerpuff Girls, and that’s just a tip of the nostalgia iceberg. This month the Animaniacs was made available for streaming on Netflix, but for all lovers of our Zanny trio: Yakko, Wakko & Dot; the fun doesn’t stop at just watching the show. Warner Bros. is rewarding the love with some live-action song stylings. Check out more after the jump.

You read it right! The trio is back together and they’re going out on the road for a zanny and fun tour unlike any other. Rob Paulsen  The voice of (Yakko)  is teaming up with Jess Harnell (Wakko) and Tress MacNeille (Dot)  are reuniting and perform some of the show’s classic tunes, including Yakko’s World.

Yakko’s World features Paulsen going through all the nations in the world, set to the melody of the Mexican Hat Dance. It’s still a viral hit to this day and Paulsen is often requested by fans to sing through the whole song. Gotta say that is honestly mind-boggling and astounding, but as Paulsen states:

“The problem comes when people stop asking…I’m incredibly grateful.”

The musical tour will feature an updated rendition of the song, to match current changes made since the song was originally written. The original song, fun fact, was  was written before the Soviet Union broke up, in 1991; which along with a few other tibits has had the song frequently nitpicked due to the omissions and shortcuts, so the new verse will add any nations formed in the past 25 years. Randy Rogel, who wrote the song as part of his audition for the show and updated it for the tour, has said that the song itself is “a little like putting a Rubik’s Cube together.” He had to find ryhmes among the nation names, but also had to keep the placement of those discussed nations geographically because Yakko would be animated pointing them out.

At the moment there isn’t a set date for when the tour will start or what cities they will be visiting but the voice actors will be backed by a full orchestra, as they were with the Colorado Symphony in 2014. So for the time being,  if you’re needing an Animaniacs refresher you can check out the series on Netflix and stay tuned to  things have of coursed changed since it was originally written. No specific dates have been announced, but if you want to see more Animaniacs in the meantime, the series has recently been added to the Netflix library.


Also let us know what was your favorite Animaniacs song in the comments below.


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