Iron Fist wasn’t a huge surprise. Luke Cage made fans nervous. Now, with the announcement that Daredevil, arguably Netflix’s most beloved Marvel show, is canceled, fans wonder what fates await the rest of the Marvel shows. Could these characters and their actors return on another streaming service? Or The Mouse scrapping everything to restart on its own? Fans of the canceled shows and remaining shows alike theorize across the internet. Does Marvel give any clues, or do they spark more rumors? Cast members of Daredevil speak on the cancellation, echoing the hearts and minds of fans the world over.



The news struck that there would be no fourth season of Daredevil. Despite the cancellation of two other Marvel shows, fans held out hope for the other Marvel properties. Perhaps it was futile. With Disney beginning their own streaming service, the likelihood of them allowing Netflix to continue with Marvel properties was slim to none. Still, fans dared to dream. Daredevil, Punisher, and Jessica Jones had all done well; at least better than the previous two canceled shows, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage.

Jessica Jones and Punisher will be finishing their 3rd and 2nd seasons, respectively. But as the two remaining Marvel properties at Netflix, fans shouldn’t hold out hope for more from these properties – at least not in their current forms. Marvel Studios could bring these characters to live on Disney+, Disney’s future streaming service, as either animated features or continue their live-action series, with or without the current cast. Though trying to recast Daredevil, Punisher and Jessica Jones so soon after their Netflix runs may draw the ire of favoring fans.

Deborah Ann Woll who played Karen Page spoke on the cancellation.

Vincent D’Onofrio, Daredevil’s Wilson Fisk, The Kingpin, who has been the other most vocal in support of the show, had this to say.



And, of course, the official Twitter account for the show had to hit us in the feels one last time…

Marvel gave a statement to Deadline, speaking well of the cast and show.

“Marvel is extremely grateful to the huge audience that loved Marvel’s Daredevil. From the moment of young Matt’s first act of heroism to the birth of Page, Murdock, & Nelson, it has been a unbelievable journey. We are incredibly proud of the amazing showrunners and writers starting with Drew Goddard and Steven DeKnight, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie and Erik Oleson, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vincent D’Onofrio and our casts who brought our characters to life with such excellence, and every one of the fantastic crews in NYC. We look forward to more adventures with the Man without Fear in the future.”

What do you think? Will we see the current cast reprising their roles in live action or animated features on Disney+? Will Marvel scrap the shows altogether and start over? What future do you think some of the fans most beloved superhero shows have? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter!

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