When word broke last year that J.J Abrams’ Bad Robot had teamed up with Jonah Nolan to bring the 70’s classic Sci-fi movie Westworld to HBO as a television series, I was excited, but also concerned about how seriously those in charge would take the production. Would it be a campy look-back and laugh, or would it be too serious, just another gritty reboot? Now that word has leaked that none other than acting heavy wieght Sir Anthony Hopkins will have a starring role in the series, my concerns are beginning to dwindle. 


Michael Crichton wrote and directed Westworld back in 1973. It was a look at how technological improvements were running rampant across the globe and what might happen if all those technological advancements turned against us. Set in the amusement park Delos, there were three worlds, Rome World, West World, and Medieval World. There, the super rich would live out their fantasies interacting with programmed androids, but what happens when the robots go bad? Well, as one would expect, things go downhill fast.


Hopkins will be playing Dr. Robert Ford, the man in charge of Delos. Joining Hopkins on the cast is Evan Rachel Wood (The Wrestler, Thirteen), she’s playing Dolores Abernathy, a farm girl in West World. She’s a Westworld Park android that doesn’t know that her existence is just part of the park’s programing. Her character will most likely also be a love interest for James Marsden (Cyclops from the X-Men movies). He’s currently rumored to be in talks for a leading role.


Who might play the iconic Westworld gunslinger portrayed by Yul Brynner? That’s one question still bouncing around inside my head. The role needs someone that can really bring it when it comes to projecting quiet menace. Brenner wasn’t physically imposing, yet he had that quality that when he looked at you in a certain way in that movie, you knew someone was going to pay the price for his ire.

The series currently has a pilot commitment with Nolan directing and teaming up with his wife Lisa Joy (Burn Notice) to help write the series episodes. Here’s the original theatrical trailer from the 1973 version I loved as a kid:

Are you on-board for a vacation trip to Westworld?

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